The Project

The Child Abuse Prosecution Project’s mission is to assist prosecutors and their teams in the following ways:


APA’s Child Abuse Prosecution Project’s professional, knowledgeable and proficient attorney staff are available to present at your national, regional, state and local conferences. As formerly part of our own multidisciplinary teams, we understand the importance of working together to provide the very best services and outcomes to our smallest and most vulnerable victims: our children. In addition to providing support for your conferences, the Child Abuse Prosecution Project will also be developing and providing quality training programs on cutting-edge issues. The Child Abuse Prosecution Project will conduct one national conference and four regional conferences each year which will encompass all areas of child physical and sexual abuse, as well as child homicides.

Rounding out our training programs and understanding the demanding schedules of prosecutors and allied professionals in the field of child abuse, the Child Abuse Prosecution Project continuously provides relevant webinars on a wide variety of topics relevant to child abuse investigation and prosecution. Click here to view past webinars.


The Child Abuse Prosecution Project has provided training and technical assistance to hundreds of child abuse prosecutors and allied professionals and we continue to develop quality training programs on current issues in two different ways : First, each of our senior attorney staff is available to provide immediate feedback and guidance via telephone and through an on-line technical assistance form that will be forwarded immediately to one of our attorneys. Second, our staff of Child Abuse Prosecution Project professionals are available to come to your jurisdiction and provide on-site technical assistance through advice, guidance, analysis, reporting and follow-up. If you are interested in having our team of professionals come to your jurisdiction, please email the Director of the program, David LaBahn at

As well as ongoing technical assistance, the Child Abuse Prosecution Project also has available a database consisting of sample motions and briefs, and can assist in your need for expert witnesses in your case in chief, as well as provide resources to assist in your cross examination of defense expert witnesses. We also have staff available to assist in case law searches on a variety of issues.

Technical Assistance


We are proud to provide monographs and a quarterly newsletter through the Child Abuse Prosecution Project. We will be publishing a total of four monographs throughout the year on topics ranging from everything prosecutors need to know about forensic interviewing to the hottest topics in successfully prosecuting abusive head trauma cases, all to be authored by leading experts in their fields.

In addition to the monographs, the Child Abuse Prosecution Project regularly publishes quarterly newsletters containing cutting edge information regarding all aspects of investigating and prosecuting cases of child abuse and neglect. Also featured in each newsletter will be columns written by SEARCH, the National Sheriffs’ Association, and the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children, rounding out the multi-disciplinary nature of the information provided through this project. We also feature articles and columns written by leading experts in their respective fields.

We are excited to bring these services to our front-line warriors for justice. If there is any way that we can assist you, please reach out to any one of our valuable team members.